Journal Entry, First Day at New Rules

Written Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Whew, What a day, What a day. Overwhelming stuff for this gal, but I’m positive I can “nip this in the bud.” For one, New Rules is intense! Their work and vision for the stability of the world economy is mind-blowing. I do wish more people were aware of the global financial situation and the solutions that can solve the crisis and bring back some form of stabilization for the world to enjoy.

My day started with a brief orientation of the office and their work. New Rules is located on Mass Ave in one of the John’s Hopkins SAIS buildings and share office space with the Center for International Policy (CIP). Cool people and very cool work environment. After that, Nathan sat me down and explained what New Rules is all about and the change they work hard to strive for. Just Fascinating stuff.

Mainly, New Rules works to push for transparency reform for international financial institutions like the IMF’s fiscal policies and other policies that can help developing economies. All new information to process at that time, but I swear I put on my “Game Face” and nodded to all his explanations… Giving him the okay to proceed with more information.

Unfortunately, I was not able to meet Ms. Griesgraber because she was sick. Perhaps, I will at the end of the week. I do wish her well and I hope I can learn enough to impress her on the first day of our meeting. I am no the only intern. Karina from Argentina, a lawyer with experience and an interest in tax law and tax policy is also interning. Her background is very impressive and I just love her accent. It pleases me that she also speaks Spanish, my native tongue. I made the dorky joke in Spanish that we can make fun of Nathan… the Joke is on me… when Nathan casually responded that he also speaks Spanish. Needless to say, I turned a beet red and thankfully none of them saw. I might have given a weak chuckle, I might have. Well that sort of fell through.

Alas, throughout the day, Nathan gave some reading material, in order to familiarize myself with their work. One such example was a paper from Adam Hersh, an economist with the Center for American Progress and who I just started to follow on Twitter. Sounds like a cool guy and I devoured his paper.


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