Journal Entry Numero Uno

Written Sunday, January 13, 2013

Welcome, Welcome! (In the words of Effie Trinket)

In just a few short days, I will be traveling to Washington DC to start my new new life as in interning for New Rules for Global Finance, as well living with a bunch of strangers. Lucky girl, right? I do count my lucky stars.

Again, I will be interning for the New Rules for Global Finance Coalition starting in about a week. SUPER EXCITED and SUPER NERVOUS! New Rules is a nonprofit NGO “with to promote reforms in the rules and institutions governing international finance and resource mobilization, in order to support just, inclusive and economically sustainable global development.” It was started in 2006 by Jo Marie Griesgraber who is the Executive Director. Ms. Griesgraber was previously with Oxfam where she supervised advocacy programs on international trade, humanitarian response, global funding for basic education and extractive industries. Ms. Griesgraber received her Ph.D. in political science from Georgetown University and her B.A. in history from the University of Dayton, Ohio. I believe I can learn so much from the organization with just alone past experience. She sounds phenomenal. In addition, New Rules has a Coordinator, none other than Nathan Coplin, a graduate alumnus from the Whitehead School (the school I am currently in). I was also creepy enough to read his background and am very impresses. This guy has been everywhere around the world (South Korea, Argentina, Costa Rica and Bangladesh) and his past internship with the Mission of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations sounds amazing. I feel very fortunate to be selected as their intern and look forward to their tutelage.

Right now, I am getting ready to move. I will NOT be living in DC because 1) way too expensive and 2) I couldn’t find a place that included a spacious enough parking place for my car. Rather, I got lucky to score a room from this lovely-sounding Filipino family…in Maryland. The commute sounds like hell but as long as I wake up early, I’ll be fine.

If anyone has a shot of tequila laying around, drink one up for me and wish me an adventure.

*****************************************************************************************You may be wondering why I am typing an entry from January during this random day in March? I’m an old school type of gal. As in, I journal old school. Meaning, I still write everything. Everything from grocery lists to my To Do’s. Same thing goes with my life experiences. I like having free reign over my own experiences and sharing is too hard.

However, an exception must be made. Per my internship course, I must journal (blog online and PUBLICLY)! Yeah, no way out.

So Disclaimer, I will more than likely type away my experiences in old fashion and late timing. But they will get on here…eventually.


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