Georgetown Dark

Joy at the Georgetown Fountain

Joy at the Georgetown Fountain

I see I have an affinity for anything green and water. In actuality, these are my two least favortite things in public yet I alway manage to capture their essence in my photographs. They are lovely to thumb back and admire, though. Anywho, last week, I decided to take a short mini-vacation and venture down south to my second familia in the DMV area. They planned to visit Β the Virginia/Georgetown sights and I thought it best to tag along and help out with the kiddos. I’ve a sense of familiarity and the need to protect the little ones since I am God-Mother to the youngest angel of them all.

In this particular shot, my little “nephew” was clearly enjoying himself running around the inviting and spacious water fountain. I really didn’t pay much attention to what and how I was shooting at this time, all I wanted to figure out, was how to take a simple snapshot of his clear face. Mission was never accomplished. It wasn’t until I uploaded all the snapshots on my computer, where I saw the beauty and interesting dynamic of his posture and lighting effects around him that I thought it was a brilliant frame. In the end, I am so pleased with the way this came out.


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