The Inspiration for my Master’s Project

Coming up with my graduate project has become a somewhat transformational experience in terms of learning about the roles of inspiration and integrity. In order to graduate Seton Hall University’s School of Diplomacy and International Relations, every graduate student is required to write a master’s project. To me, I am taking this as writing the first thesis of my life.

Idea ConcoctionΒ 

I’ve been struggling to come up with an idea since I’ve been here at Seton Hall. I always thought I would dedicate my life to solving the problem of the drug war in Mexico. That was the intention of why I came to school in the Northeast. Looks like that idea is out the window. I’m glad I came here to study because I gained a new foresight into what I want to do with my life and professional career. And it’s TECHNOLOGY-related! I still don’t know but I have an idea.

I’d like to focus on technology, foreign policy and emerging markets. Essentially, examine the impact of technological innovation on foreign policy. For example, I would like to show the audience how private sector innovations in areas such as satellite imaging, global positioning and internet search engines have a profound impact on foreign policy. I think it’s important for professionals in the IR field to be exposed and understand how these innovations were born, who brought them to the market, how they impact foreign policy and what can be expected in the future. Plus, I have an abiding love for the internet and foreign affairs, so what better way than to channel it through my research project.

I hope this experience will teach me to focus, tune my topic and come up with a stable hypothesis.

My To-Do’s

I need to write my thoughts on this topic like it’s a job. From now on, each morning, I vow to write for about a couple of hours. And research. I research people for fun. Now I need to make researching about technology via technology for fun.

Wish me luck! I welcome any advice thrown my way πŸ™‚


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