Opinion: Fluffy – Saudi Arabia Special

Per our semester paper in my Nuclear Weapons in International Relations course, each student is partnered with another student to discuss and present any issue relating to nuclear armament in the international community. My partner and I decided to do the Pros and Cons of Saudi Arabia having a nuclear weapons program, where I decided to argue for a nuclear Saudi Arabia. I’m not sure I won over my class but it was a lot of fun seeing their faces react to my attempts of painting a picture of rainbows and sunshine if Saudi Arabia dared to follow through on their threats.

Because this subject inspires such serious tones and issues to light, as is the nature of the strategic relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States. The Saudi’s believe that many of the West’s policies on both Iran and Syria risk the stability and security of the Middle East. Which begs the question, with possible instability, should the Saudi Arabia acquire a nuclear weapons program?

I won’t bore you with my straight-forward arguments over why Saudi Arabia should go follow through this possible scenario, but on the comedic aspect I included towards the end of my presentation. I love comedy and foreign affairs. I am beyond thrilled when I find any outlets that contain these two passions of mine. My favorite Hispanic stand-up comedian is Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy. Sometime in the past year, Fluffy traveled to the Middle East for some stand-up shows at the invitation of a Saudi Arabian Prince. As a result, Fluffy has a new stand-up special about his experience with the people and their customs.

In particular, minute 11:00 through 13:15, is the section I used concerning how some people of Saudi Arabia are portrayed falsely via Fox News. I used this bit to convey how modern and progressive the people of Saudi Arabia have evolved to and end with what would make them happy: Air conditioning and a nuclear weapons program.

Here is the link: Fluffy Saudi Arabia via YouTube



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