Two B’s, that I love

Brother, Boston Harbor

Brother, Boston Harbor


For my graduation present, my brother and I visited Boston for the first ever. And, suffice to say, I LOVE BOSTON! This city captured my heart from the initial moment we stepped off the bus, to the subway ride, the rainy weather and hearing the mother of all Boston accents… (i.e. Green Monstaa).

I’ve always wanted to visit Boston for the history and food. Of all the times, I’ve flown above Boston and had to wait to transfer to another plane, I eagerly looked outside the window to catch a glimpse of the harbor. Β The Harbor was and still is my favorite part of the city. After reading about the history and quizzed countless times, the harbor is truly a majestic site to be around.

My brother wanted to do a city tour, so I obliged him, and while he wondered in his private thoughts, I quickly snapped a photograph. Out of the many shots I took, this one is my absolute favorite. I asked him what he was thinking? He replied, “I don’t wanna say”. Okay, fine.

I want to go back, though.


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