Where I’m at..

Where am I? I just moved from New Jersey to the Washington DC Metro area. Took a couple of trips, but I’m glad to finally be here. Ever since, my high school graduation, I dreamed of living in our nation’s capitol and be fully employed of course. My move to DC deserves a check plus, however my “dream” job is a blank. Fear not, I am not discouraged nor negatively brooding in one place. In fact, I’ve been to many places since my move. Strategically, these places serve purely as motivation to not stray from my current job of finding a job.

My move here has made me think a lot about the direction I want my future look. Therefore, I’ve put a significant amount of time to come up with goals for this summer and while in search for a job. Per some research, I’ve come across the article, The Daily Routines of Haruki Murakami, Freud, Jane Austen And other great Minds Revealed, for some inspiration. This article makes for an eye-opening interesting read. And then it hit me, all of the greats stuck by a routine. Their routines have inspired me..

My routine will go a little like this, wake up at 8:00 AM and run/walk at 8:15 AM. Shower at 9:00 AM, eat at 9:45 AM and be ready to work on finding a job by 10:00 AM for a couple of hours. I will attempt to be in bed by 11:00 PM and repeat the following day.

I agree with Murakami’s explanation, as given in The Paris Review in 2004, “The repetition itself becomes the important thing; it’s a form of mesmerism. I mesmerize myself to reach a deeper state of mind.”

If you have any comments or advice, please don’t be shy and feel free to shout them at me, if that’s ever the case.


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