The City that I Miss

Manhattan looking towards Brooklyn

Manhattan looking towards Brooklyn via 2012

I think I took this photo atop the Empire State Building. I could literally hear everything. Missing Manhattan is a state of mind for me. I miss the noise, the smells, the food and overall the people.

Here are the 10 things I miss about The City:
1. I miss the $1 order of HUGE dumplings over at the LES
2. Cheesy Brooklyn-style-crust pizza ($2.50 for two plain slices and a soft drink)
3. Standing in line for the first time and now hearing about the crazed Cronut lines. BTW, I also recommend the DKA and the Summer Frozen S’more
4. Reading in Bryant Park with friends and lazily daydreaming towards the sky
5. Gawking at all the supper hot guys running around shirtless in Central Park
6. GIANT delicious true New York bagels with exorbitant amounts of cream cheese
7. Rooftop parties at Crown Heights
8. Keeping a straight face whenever you see something out of the blue during the Subway ride
9. Muttering under my breath at how slow tourists walk 😉
10. AND the Chinese Food

One day, I’ll be back!



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