Back in Philly

corner of Independence and Chestnut

corner of Independence and Chestnut

I am writing this post in honor of my mom, who just found out I have a blog. In case you are wondering, here’s a peek of our earlier conversation:

Mom: Donde estas? (Where are you?)
Me: House
Mom: Que estas haciendo? Algo malo? (What are you doing? Something bad)
Me: What. No, nothing. I’m on my blog.
Mom: Que es eso? (What’s that)
Me: Blog, mom. It’s where I write stuff. Whatever I want. Pongo fotos, musica, y mis pensamientos. (I put pictures, music and my thoughts.)
Mom: Oh.
Me: Yeah, I’ll send you the link. Chill out.

For my graduation, my family and I drove from New Jersey to Washington, D.C. We made a pit stop in Philadelphia for some brunch. This was my mom’s second time to visit Philly. Both, my mom and I visited in 1999 for the All American Cities event.. for Taylor, Texas. I remember she was eager to eat at the Red Owl Tavern (right behind) and was “patiently” waiting for us to follow suit. I just had to take her picture since this image longingly captures her patience and her thoughts, whatever they were. I want to thank my mother for her full support, had it not been for the 1999 trip, I probably would have never caught the travel bug.

Fun fact: In 1999, Pennsylvania was the first state outside of Texas for me to visit and my first airplane flight. So yeah, it was most definitely a culture shock for me, as I had never stepped out of my spanish-speaking world. I don’t remember much about the trip, but I can recall upon landing, asking where to exchange my money. Prior to this, I only had experience traveling from Texas to Mexico, where money was always exchanged from US dollars to Mexican Pesos. I remember thinking that since we left Texas, our US dollars must be no good in Pennsylvania. Someone broke it to me that we are still in America and that was not necessary, like at all. Yes, I learned something that day.


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