ISIS Rhymes With Crisis

Iraq is in a bad state, if you hadn’t already noticed. With tens of thousands of Yazidis, a small religious minority in northern Iraq, have been trapped on a mountain, hiding from ISIS militants, who have killed hundreds of Yazidis. Many have escaped. Several thousand are still there, but that’s a lot less than the tens of thousands were thought were still trapped.

The Yazidis are religious minority group trapped on a mountain and have been getting help from the U.S. and friends. ISIS isn’t really BFFs with others and has been targeting religious groups, including Christians in the surrounding region. The Yazidis escaped to a mountain where they’ve been struggling to survive. The U.S. has been launching airstrikes against ISIS militants surrounding the mountain, which did give thousands of Yazidis a chance to escape.The Syrian Kurds, an independent ethnic group from across the border, also lent a hand.

Current Situation:
Without a doubt, ISIS rhymes with crisis and has become a huge problem in Iraq and for the U.S. One of the big reasons the situation was escalated is because Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki’s Shiite-led government did not make other minority groups feel a part of Iraq. Thereby, this gave the push for extremists to act out on their own. The international community in a ‘I take it back’ type of mood, when it helped put Maliki in power and are now looking to replace him, so that Iraq can form a better and united government system. This week, Iraq’s president nominated a new Prime Minister, but Maliki said he isn’t leaving anytime soon. In addition, Maiki has sent security forces throughout Baghdad, leading many to think he could be staging a coup. However, on Thursday, Maliki agreed to step down.

Possible Solution:
Any long-term possible solution will not be easy to implement. I do not believe the solution to ISIS lies solely with the might of the American military. For a lasting solution, Iraq must come together and form an inclusive government that represents the legitimate interests of the country and not just groups in the majority.

One problem-ish down, another one to go.. Looking at you ISIS.


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