Hero, Queen and I

Temple Lake

Belton Lake

Imagine this view being your backyard. Would you ever want to leave? NO, never! This lovely view is one of my favorite places to visit back home. You can literally just pop a squat and knock on the sky. The colors, atmosphere and breeze are just enough to let you forget about your troubles and simply smile. On a side note, if you are still and quiet, there are times you will rewarded with sounds and booms coming from Fort Hood.

The couple who are blessed with this hangout are dear friends of the family. My mother has taken to calling them Hero (for his Service to our country) and Queen (because she rules). For the past two years, they have been kind to open their home for family celebrations, such as my parent’s 25th Anniversary (when this photo was taken) and for my recent graduation party. And for that, I thank them immensely. Wonderful memories have been created before these views and I hope many more.

I wanted to show this photo because it serves as a reminder for me to push my limits and reach for the sky. Mrs. Queen is a beautiful person, both inside and out, she has been a great supporter of mine since the day we met. Some time ago, we met up for lunch and the discussion quickly moved towards personal territory. We spoke about my aspirations, my concerns and my family’s thought process. Our conversation was mind opening for me because I never really knew or cared to understand how my family is perceived outside our familial circle. But Mrs. Queen is family to me because of her belief that I can do something great with my life. And to delta back to the perch overlooking Belton Lake, I hope that when she looks outside, a similar view will always be there to greet her and give her warmth.


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