Social Media Tips

I was just recently asked if I have any social media “advice” for people who want to “clean up” their profiles for a job or for someone who’s been put in charge of their company’s Facebook page or Twitter handle. I do have some experienc in that regard, so, I have compiled a list of some of helpful tips and resources that should be helpful.

Step One: you should read. Read anything and everything concerning online engagement. There are hundreds of blogs about social media and the answer to almost any social media question you could have can probably be found online. Some great resources that you should read:

Step Two: have a plan. Plan what your goals are, what tactics you’ll employ, and what metrics you’ll measure (fans, followers, replies, retweets, likes, comments, shares..). Take a look at other companies or people and see what they’re doing in social media to get inspiration.

I love Twitter. Below are some links I’ve found to be helpful for me:


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