Lean Together Book Launch – DC

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via iPhone

September 10, 2014 | 5:30pm Panel | 7:15pm Reception

On September 10th, the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) introduced its new book LEAN TOGETHER: An Agenda For Smarter Government, Stronger Communities, And More Opportunity For Women at The Decatur House.

LEAN TOGETHER is a book of 12 chapters written by female professionals. The book offers a new outlook for America: smaller government, stronger communities, a vibrant economy, and more opportunities for women and men.  This vision for America offers concrete policy prescriptions that will rein in the progressive state, streamline government, and strengthen the economy.

Below are some tidbits I gleaned from the discussion:

  • 62% of min wage workers are women – we don’t want them to lose their jobs so we shouldn’t raise the min wage
  • If we don’t reform entitlements, everyone’s tax burdens are going to have to DOUBLE
  • States should do their utmost to give people as many choices as possible when it comes to health insurance
  • Women’s lives are like tapestries that we piece together along the way. We have more choices now than ever
  • “Food policy has become a fixation for groups focused on alarmism”
  • 83% of women couldn’t tell the difference between real scientific studies and those designed to scare them
  • America is out-producing Russia in natural gas, ahead of Saudi Arabia in oil. Need to export it to Europe
  • Heart of healthcare debate is that we are having trouble defining root cause of problems
via IWF

via IWF ($10)


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