Care to Vote in Texas?

Gov. Rick Perry (R),  the one who was indicted — is not running for re-election. Word on the street is that he’s got “1600 Pennsylvania” on his mind. Republicans are in control in Texas, but a Democrat with national sneaker-cred has spiced things up in this year’s gubernatorial race.


Wendy Davis (D): Wears pink sneakers. Talks a lot. You first met Wendy when she filibustered a strict abortion bill. However, she’s currently struggling to close the gap in this red state.

Greg Abbott (R): Texas’s Attorney General. Wendy Davis once said “He hasn’t walked a day in my shoes.” Which would be very difficult, seeing as he’s a paraplegic. Abbott’s favored right now.

WHAT are the ISSUES:

Immigration: Everything is BIGGER in Texas, especially immigration issues. Over the years, thousands of unaccompanied children have crossed the US-Mexico border into Texas, which gained national media coverage this year. This has become a big voter issue for both candidates. Both will try to prove that they’re the leader Texas needs.

Social Issues: Both candidates will make their case to female voters on everything from equal pay to reproductive rights. Davis is very pro-choice. Abbott is very pro-life.


October 6th is the DEADLINE to register to vote. Download this, fill it out, print, sign and mail it to your local clerk’s office. >> Mailed in mine, last week!

October 24th is THE DEADLINE to request an absentee ballot if you’re going to be out of state on Election Day. Download this, print it out and mail it in to your local clerk’s office. >> Will be mailed today!

November 4th is Election Day. Voting closes at 7pm local time.


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