The Art of Letting Go

I have lost a continent with a country I can have but don’t want,
and one I want but can’t have.
I have lost a career I thought I wanted,
but turns out I don’t need.
I have lost attachments I thought I needed
but that really just enslaved.

It was not so much a loss but a ripping away.
I once heard that we need to take away what we don’t need to find what is real.
But it was not I who chose what to take, it was they
who decided that I was not fit because the place I came into turnout less than ideal.

I could not have fought the limitations
but I could let go of its power over me.
My only come back punch against an invisible omnipotent presence was letting go.
I traveled across the sea, across the world where I could be free.
I realized I would leave what I knew, and loved, but I did not understand how the flow
of life would continue on without me.

To live I must flow on as well.
This might mean drifting away from who
I pictured I would be.
I can’t fight it, but I know myself, and I know that I will keep trying,
even in the unknown.
But there is something beautiful in the way that a fall leaf floats free
in the breeze that ripped it away from the roots it had aways known.
But now it is flying.

By: Nancy A. Palencia – Ramirez (@NancyPalencia4)


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