A New Tradition to Start for 2015

The following questions will guide me in setting life goals that are key to achieving real long-term happiness and fun. Writing everything down will help me commit to making these answers a reality, a new tradition.

1. Life now is bland because I am (fun)employed.

2. If I were to describe my present state of mind at the end of 2014 as a TV program, movie or book title, I’d call it Indecisive & Restless.

3. What are you most pleased and or proud of in your personal life? At work?
– Personally, severing negative relationships and connecting with people who believe in my self-worth and following advice from people, especially women, who have my best interests at heart.
– Took a giant leap and began blogging my life and interests online.

4. What’s missing or on hold?
– A stable salaried full time job. Visiting family in the South has re-energized my determination to kick-start my career.

5. Imagine yourself in the ideal scenario and describe what your life will be like 5 years from now. What kind of job will you be in?
– The ideal scenario is to be on a field assignment outside the country, such as, on a humanitarian aid assignment or security risk assessment reporting. In 5 years, I hope to be with the State Department as a Foreign Service Officer to not only keep Americans safe but to bridge together both Americans and individuals from different religions and ethnicities. Wherever I may be, I hope to still be on travel assignments.

6. What skills do you want to develop?
– With all the TV shows and movies, i.e. Hunger Games and the Walking Dead, I’d like to acquire some survival skills. After seeing the movie Wild, I am determined to tackle a sizable chunk of land to hike (some 15-20 miles). Last year, I casually said yes to hiking a bit of the Stairway to Heaven in Vernon, NJ, but I was underdressed, in that I wore sandals rather than sturdy hiking shoes. This time around, I plan on being a bit more prepared and enjoy the thrill of an adventure.
– Also, I’d like to refine my language skills. In graduate school, I joined a Korean and Russian study sessions as a side hobby. It be great to have a full fledge conversation rather than just greetings and numbers.

7. Do you want to get more education?
– No Ph.D’s, but I am not averse to getting certified in another field, such as a science or medical certification. I understand that I never to old to keep devouring new information and skills.

8. Do you want to give back to others?
– Yes. Both in my undergrad and graduate career, I’ve had wonderful people who have served as gracious mentors. I hope to one day prove as gracious and helpful a mentor as those before me.

9. Do you have spiritual needs to attend?
– At this point in life, I would describe myself as “culturally Catholic but spiritually Agnostic”. However, this new pope gives me hope..

10. What interests will you continue to pursue?
– While in graduate school, I never read for pleasure and now that I’m out, I no longer read the fast rate I was once accustomed to. This year, I hope to change that. Reading a novel once a week is very ambitious yet unrealistic for me. My hope is that I will finish two novels a month and gradually reach the goal of one novel a week.

This will be interesting to look back on at the end of 2015. Here’s to accomplishing all my goals!


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