Why I care about #Action2015

and you should too.

2015: Time for Global Action.

“2015 can and must be the time for global action”.
Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations

In 2015, the world has the historic opportunity to pave a new era of sustainability, building on the successes of the Millennium Development Goals. Today is a big day in a big year. In 2015 the UN will celebrate the significant if incomplete success of the Millennium Development Goals and agree on a new set of goals – the Sustainable Development Goals – as the shuttle for development for the following fifteen years.

In just my lifetime the world has, in many ways, changed for the better. Half a billion people are no longer living in extreme poverty, and over a billion more people have access to safe drinking water. But I know we have such a long way to go. That is why I urge you this year, whether you’re a seasoned activist or have never done anything like this before, to stand up and get involved with making 2015 a year we will look back on as being instrumental in the eradication of extreme poverty – and in doing so, change the course of the future. Take a look at the video and feel inspired to get involved in the movement. You are not alone!

2015 can really be the turning point in the fight for global equity, if serious and binding commitments are made by world leaders throughout the year. In the words of 2014 Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai: “2015 must be the year the world wakes up and delivers a safer, more just future for children and young people. We all must play our part in ensuring this is the case. Do not let this opportunity go to waste.” Let her words sink in and provide you the determination and courage to make history.

To find out more about action/2015, check out the campaign’s website. Spread the word!

Other events and activities will be happening throughout the year to involve people everywhere in the act of action, kicking off with a digital rally today, January 15th. Join the online conversation using #action2015 on social media and follow the UN MDG accounts on Twitter and Facebook for updates.


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