Why I Blog


I have been “blogging” on and off since 2013 but by mid 2014 I  began to write with consistency and conviction. I started with a self-hosted wordpress domain and after multiple reincarnations, Diplomatic Snob of the 21st Century was created.

So why have I been blogging for so long and why do I carry on?

I want to connect with people
Blogging is an amazing way of getting to meet other people; I’ve made some of my closest friends online. By sharing online we can get to know other people, form friendships, and build support networks.

I want to share my experiences and advice
My business wouldn’t have been successful if it wasn’t for all the free resources I made use of when starting out; I want to give something back by sharing my perspective and experiences of running a business.

Thank you for reading posts on this blog. I am heading into year two with this “little one”. When I started, I wondered if I would have enough topics to write about. I do not worry about that any more because this blog has taught me how to write what I think, and I  am thinking all the time. I think, therefore I blog. It’s been lovely, and so much fun.


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