Book Review: Not That Kind of Girl

For my birthday, my brother bought me a copy of Lena Dunham’s autobiography, Not That Kind of Girl. My dear sibling knew how Lena had recently become a new favorite writer and most of all, a voice of a generation (agreed, in my head). Just finished it today, there were some parts I liked and some I didn’t but overall, I enjoyed getting to know why she is the way she is and how she processes things. For example, to me, Lena seems more than a little self-obsessed and neurotic. Which I’m totally okay with because I find that relatable and welcoming. This book is so readable because of Dunham’s writing style. It has a conversational feel. 🙂

Written in the wake of the tremendous success of her HBO series Girls (unfortunately, I still haven’t seen the show), it is subtitled “A Young Woman Tells You What She’s ‘Learned.'” The chapter that tackles Dunham’s sexual assault and rape is brutally personal, highlighting some of less spoken of parts of the process of dealing with the trauma of rape while still remaining respectful. My favorite section, ‘Love and Sex’, documents her past relationships. Finishing this section, reminded me a lot about the experiences some of the girls in my high school and university were going through.

I wasn’t a fan on the section of Friendship. I didn’t glean any meaningful and trustworthy interactions with any of the people she mentioned. Felt more like passerby’s in an underground party scene, that I know nothing about nor ever will. Which is okay, that I don’t fully appreciate this section. I was hoping to read about “testy” friendships being all about unconditional love.


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