Book Review: One Day

Dexter and Emma meet on 15 JULY 1988, the night of their graduation, for a brief romantic night. young and wondering what the future entails. It’s within the first few pages of this book that you are drawn into these two characters trajectories. It is fascinating to see the consequences of their pride, carelessness and miscommunication inspire the wedge of separation as they let time and distraction guide them. However, they never lose track of each other and for “One Day” in a year, play catch up.

On the side, Emma writes poetry in an “expensive new black leather notebook with a stubby fountain pen.”

My favorite “One Day” ends up being a disastrous night out on 15 JULY 1995, when Emma tells Dexter that she loves him but no longer likes him. I think we can relate to this. There’s someone out there right now. We  love the person dearly but cannot stand to be near due to their despicable belief of no belief and/or personality.

Again and again, Emma and Dexter nearly come together. But it’s not until 1999, 11 years after their first “One Day”, that Emma finally tells Dex, “When I didn’t see you, I thought about you every day, I mean every day, in some way or another.” “Same here,” he replies. Unfortunately, the belated confession accompanies the announcement of his engagement to another woman.

“Love and be loved,” Emma tells herself, “if you ever get the chance.”

Among many other things, this story is a very persuasive and endearing account of a close yet far-away friendship – the delight of being cared about, the flirting and the banter that hides resentment and yearning, the way a relationship can shift and evolve as a human being goes through life.


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