Book Review: South of the Border, West of the Sun


My least favorite Murakami novel. The ending was dull.

To me, the story is about a person’s meditation on moving on, learning to live with your decisions, learning to change and to adapt with the current. Themes I am very well familiar with.

His words are haunting, yet also matter of fact. I felt this to be a very insightful portrayal of a person, who is always in love with one person, lost from his life and unrequited. The type of question I found myself deliberating was if given a second chance, what would you do? Would you throw away a comfortable happy life/marriage?

With all it’s mundane activity, Murakami does do a beautiful job of presenting the interior landscape of the protagonist’s turmoil and decision process. Just not with his final decision, and consequently, understanding the woman who almost brought him down.


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