BeautyFix Box: April 2017

What up, ya’ll?! I caved and subscribed to Dermstore’s BeautyFix box. The month of April is all about natural beauty products because Earth Day is this month… as in TODAY! Happy Earth day, y’all : )

This is was the reason why I purchased this box! And it’s my first time trying an Honest Beauty product! Jessica Alba states Magic Balm is a product that has a lot of uses such as a for cuticles, lips and cheekbones. I love that it is made of a mix of plant oils, butters, and beeswax. What is cool about it is that it looks like a peach-color in the container, but it goes on clear. I have used it on my cheekbones, cuticles, eyelids and lips. I am not a fan of how it doesn’t last long on my lips.

This is a hydrating cream that is supposed to prevent the formation of vertical lines on lips. In theory, this sounds amazing.  It’s very moisturizing, because I wake up with some still on. I like it so far.

I heard so much about Dermalogica and couldn’t wait to try it their eye cream. This is a moisturizing eye treatment helps minimize dark circles and reduce puffiness. Sad that it comes in this tiny size but so far have loved the results. I have seen a residual of puffiness!

I hardly ever use hair products, so I was a bit hesitant to use this. Out of everything in the box, this is a clear favorite. It gives my hair some real shine and I love the way it smells. Will definitely be putting this on my wish list.

Have yet to try this but when I do, I will let you know. I’m excited about the pomegranate oil and the shade is supposedly a flattering one for everyone.

Again, another product I have yet to try. This will also be gifted to my mom!!

I was thrilled to see a juice beauty product as a full sized item, especially as a moisturizer. I plan to gift this to my mother for mother’s day. I think she will appreciate it : )

The first thing I tried was the clay-based mask.  You apply it to your face, let it set for about fifteen minutes, then rinse. It left my face feeling smooth and clear, which I loved! The moisturizer is a yellow cream, which I did not like. I am not a fan of colored moisturizers.

Regardless, I’m so so so happy with my BeautyFix box for April!  Two of the products were misses for me, but I loved everything else in the box!  The Luzern Daily Moisturizer and the Honest Beauty Magic Balm were the only two products that I didn’t love.  My favorite products were definitely the Lucern Detox Mask and the Alterna Caviar CC Cream.

What did you think of this month’s BeautyFix?  Did you have any favorite products?


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