Why I Blog

  I have been "blogging" on and off since 2013 but by mid 2014 I  began to write with consistency and conviction. I started with a self-hosted wordpress domain and after multiple reincarnations, Diplomatic Snob of the 21st Century was created. So why have I been blogging for so long and why do I carry on? I … Continue reading Why I Blog


How the FSOT Tackled Me

I received the results of my FSOT on October 30. Unfortunately, I did not pass. From what I understand, the FSOT is scored as a T-score (see better explanation). Basically, it rates test takers against each other, meaning, a fixed percentage of takers will pass. If everyone's scores are clumped together, one question can make a … Continue reading How the FSOT Tackled Me

Do You See Drones Connecting the World?

Facebook Connectivity Lab engineering director Yael Maguire spoke about the network’s initiative to implement drones (the good ones) to help connect developing regions to the Internet. Essentially, the goal is to build and launch a fleet of solar-powered drones that can connect the billions of people to the internet. “We’re going to have to push the edge of … Continue reading Do You See Drones Connecting the World?

SGS 2014: Year of the Female Voice

My FAVORITE quote was the FIRST statement coming from a man: https://twitter.com/YesLugo/status/513721626592940032 As I sat in my chair and watched different women take the stage at the 2014 Social Good Summit, I started thinking about the event hashtag and what it really means to me: #2030NOW. I wanted to hear something different, a new piece of information to … Continue reading SGS 2014: Year of the Female Voice

Connecting Classrooms Around the World via Skype

See how Skype in the classroom is helping teachers connect students with other students from around the world into the setting of a virtual field trip. Teachers around the country are getting back into the grind and looking for new methods to engage their students. One virtual learning tool that is transforming schools across the … Continue reading Connecting Classrooms Around the World via Skype